Cross-Country Ski Programs

BMS offers a Jackrabbit Ski Program for youths ranging from 3 and up. The program is intended to provide a learning environment for cross-country skiing while having fun with family and friends. At the core of the program is the development of skills so that young individuals become well rounded cross-country skier. In cross-country skiing, three important aspects are needed to be developed in the areas of technique, endurance and speed. In order to help young skiers achieve these developmental goals the Jackrabbit Ski Program offers technical and knowledge base learning in the following areas:
  • Waxing
  • Equipment
  • Safety and etiquette
  • Nutrition
  • Nature and environment
  • Physical work
  • Training
  • Racing
This program is offered to anyone interesting in learning the sport of cross-country skiing. For more information or questions please fill the comment section in the Contact Us link situated in the left hand menu.