Running & Hiking Information

Background: Birch Ski Area is located approximately 55 km south-west of Carman Manitoba (Click here for directions). The area is situated at the foot of the Herman beaches situated along the Darlingford Moraine which offers a wide range of tributary terrain. It offers over 25 km of challenging running and hiking trails for expert and amateur outdoor sports enthusiasts. The trails follow the cross-country skiing and mountain biking trails that journey through beautiful rolling gullies and valleys.

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advance - Birch Ski Area has short to long uphill and downhill segments that stretch along the ski and mountain biking trails. A large majority of the mountain bike trails are single track while the ski trails are several meters wide. Anyone considering hiking or running at Birch Ski Area should be aware that the terrain surface is either grass or dirt covered and so proper awareness of footing is necessary. People that are not familiar with the trial system should first go with someone who knows the trails and make certain that they have water, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, orientation instruments, and a whistle (just in case). Anyone that ventures in the trail system is highly encouraged to go with someone else and to let it be known to either family or friends of their trip schedule.

Trail Access: BMS members have free access to the hiking and running trails. Individual and group outings for non-members is available upon request. For more information please contact Doug Keith at 204.828.3586.