Outdoor Facilities ::

Birch Sk Area has outdoor facilities that are capable of hosting mountain biking, cross-country running and other such events. The outdoor facilities include:

  • A large main spectator area that the center of the trail network which provides ample space for scoring facilities, warm up area, and video taping and media equipment setup.
  • A covered stage that has electrical outlets for electronic equipment and designated officials headquarter.
  • A canteen that has refrigerators, freezers, ovens, electrical outlets and sales counter.
  • A parking lot that can hold approximately 100 vehicles.
  • Rented port-a-potties.
  • Temporary changing facilities.

 Winter Facilities ::

Also, there are winter facilities where cross-country skiing event can be held. The winter facilities include:

  • Clubhouse with full amenities such as heat, electrical outlets, kitchen, washrooms, change area, rec. room, cross-country ski rentals and deck.
  • Waxing tent.
  • Warm-up-shack
  • Parking lot that can hold approximately 100 vehicles.

The clubhouse is open to all skiers from the begging to the end of the ski season.

For more information please contact Doug Keith (204.828.3586) or send us an e-mail (birchmountainsports@gmail.com)
Clubhouse in winter


Clubhouse kitchen