Cycling Information

Background: Birch Ski Area is located approximately 35 km south-west of Carman Manitoba (Click here for directions). The area is situated at the foot of the Herman beaches situated along the Darlingford Moraine which offers a wide range of tributary terrain. The area is a well established mountain biking area in the province of Manitoba that has over 25 km of trails. The facility has had the pleasure of holding a Canada Cup Race and being host of the 1999 Pan American Games mountain biking event. Each year several mountain biking events/races are held at Birch Ski Area for expert and amateur cyclists.

Difficulty: Amateur to Advance - The trails pass through mostly forested area with some open fields that offer technical and physical challenging slopes. A large majority of the forested tails are single track while the open ones are several meters wide. It is not uncommon to find yourself going down a challenging downhill and then realize that an even longer and steeper hill is awaiting your granny-gear. Also, there are several challenging switchbacks. Cyclists that are not familiar with the trial system should make certain that they have water, mosquito repellent, and sunscreen. Anyone that ventures in the trail system is highly encouraged to go with someone else and to let it be known to either family or friends of their trip schedule.

Trail Access: Access to the Birch Ski Area mountain biking trails is provided by the Portage Junk Yard Dogs Cycling Club (JYD).  A Birch Trail Pass or JYD Membership is required to ride at Birch. Birch Trail Passes are now available as either day or season passes.  Birch Trail Passes can be purchased at .  JYD Members and Birch Season Pass holders have unlimited access to the bike trials.